[VIDEO] Survival DIY: Simple Metal Can Heater

These metal can heaters are so incredibly simple, anyone can make them. But in addition to their simplicity, they're also EXCELLENT at keeping things warm. Whether you need something to heat up your bedroom, a camping area, or you're in a SHTF scenario and you need to be resourceful with what you have… these metal can heaters are essential!

Staying warm is something we can take for granted. But get yourself in the great outdoors on a chilly night and you'll be racking your brain to remember what heating tips and tricks you've learned over the years that can help you out.

It's important to be resourceful and to know which situations call for which types of heating. It's always good to work with what you have. Not all situations will equip you with metal cans, but because they can easily be used as storage (until you need them for fire), don't take up much space, and have the capacity to burn fire for an extended period of time, we think they're a great asset to have in your arsenal of fire burning plans.

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