Paracord Rifle Sling: A Step By Step Guide

For the survivalist that hunts with a rifle, a comfortable, durable sling is almost as critical as reliable ammunition and having your firearm sighted properly.

On a long trek or while hauling game out, the last thing you want is a sling that chafes your skin or worse, snaps, giving you one more thing to contend with.

Making a sling out of paracord is yet one more amazing use for this versatile product, but also can be woven into a very durable, lightweight and comfortable rifle sling.

To make one, you need about 100 feet of paracord, needle nose pliers, a flat board, washers and screws, a stiff wire, a knife and the swivels off your gun.

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  1. Brandon Keefer said:

    I’ve thought about it but hadn’t done it bc that’s a lot of paracord

  2. Adam Hughes said:

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