How To Build a Cinder Block BBQ Pit On The Cheap

Want a BBQ but don't want to pay an arm and a leg to buy one? Learn how to make an AWESOME BBQ for practically nothing. It's great for the outdoors and also your backyard!

For most of us, an incredibly long, cold and snowy winter has finally passed (we hope) and we are well into spring.

Spring means the start of BBQ season and for some, an outdoor BBQ pit in the backyard is a fun way to enjoy BBQ'ing as well as sort of a hobby.

Building your own pit, however, can get very expensive. it also is a lot of work.

While the “hard work” part cannot be avoided if you want a durable, functioning BBQ pit, the “expensive” part is controllable without sacrificing quality or durability.

By investing the time, choosing materials carefully and putting in the “elbow grease,” you can build a backyard BBQ pit quickly and inexpensively.

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