[VIDEO] Awesome Bottle Cap Fishing Lures That Actually Work!

Securing a food source in a survival situation is critical to your survival and fish are a plentiful (in most cases) and fairly easy to catch source of protein and calories.

Ideally, you can whip out your emergency fishing kit, but if you find yourself without that, here is an awesome way to improvise and create fishing bottle cap fishing lures that are not only easy to make, but highly effective.

Using discarded metal bottle caps, BB's, o-rings and a treble hook you can make a rattling, glittery lure that all but the most selective fish will go after.

Note: If you do not make them in advanced, in a survival situation you may have to improvise (using wire to make an o-ring or pebbles to replace the BB's, for instance.)

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  1. Tim White said:

    @[1294611692:2048:Dave Hughes] this looks right up your alley

  2. Tim Fayard said:

    @[100002932991445:2048:Keith G Fayard Sr.] Make a bottle cap lure and see if it works..