Make This Portable Solar Powered Generator: A Survivalist Must-Have!

Whether you are camping or in a survival situation, at home with no power or even just hanging out in a backyard screen house, lugging around a gasoline generator is often just not practical.

It's heavy, smelly and noisy – not exactly conducive to a peaceful setting or a situation where silence is necessary. More to the point, if you do not need to power major appliances, say you only need to power cell phones and a radio, a huge, clunky generator is overkill.

Smaller, less obtrusive generators, though, are hard to find. Generators are geared to power your entire house or at least the vital appliances. What if you had a quiet, portable, solar powered generator? Further, what if you could build it yourself? And what if you could do it for under $200?

To see how to build this critical utility and to do it on the cheap, head over to page 2!


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