Simple Torch Materials You Can Use for Vital Light

One great challenge to any survival situation is maintaining a light source once the sun sets. A camp fire provides some light, but it is not mobile, so your ability to light your surroundings is limited.

Fortunately, you do have options.

In a survival situation, where power might not be available or you may have to ration it carefully, a torch is a great alternative source of light and it is relatively easy to make.

Using commonly found materials, you can fashion a torch that will provide you with a vital light source, potentially for hours, depending on how you construct the torch and what fuels you use.

While you can use virtually anything you can wrap on a stick as a torch, these three materials are tried and true in terms of how long they burn and the light they provide.

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  1. Cameren Cassidy said:

    Iv tested the birch bark one. I did a few test runs and I got between 10-15 mins for each. Could have lasted longer if I took more time to make them.