How To Build Your Own EPIC Stove For Outdoor Use!

Once you have all the basics covered in a survival situation, it you need to create functional tools that make your life easier and allow you to perform critical tasks, such as cooking food.

You can always use a traditional campfire, but building a large fire is not always practical.

One relatively easy-to-make solution to cooking food is to make yourself a makeshift stove using cans.

For this design you need a No. 10 can and No. 2 tall can, 4 inches of wire mesh, 4 small screws and about 2 feet of sturdy wire. You will also need a way to drill holes in the can (or puncture it) and a way to cut the metal (snips or a can opener.)

The instructions on the next page show you how to take these materials and tools and assemble this simple but amazingly functional stove.


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