[Video] How To Make This Kickass 5 Gallon Bucket Air Cooler

Using a couple of buckets, some PVC and a portable fan you can create this kickass 5 Gallon Bucket Air Cooler that you'll wish you had last summer. This thing is super easy to make and it will cool down your home without having to use a heavy, electricity hogging air conditioner.

Almost everyone uses air conditioning in the Summer and in some areas, it is almost a requirement because it gets so hot.

Just about every home has at least one area, though, where it makes no sense put in an air conditioner – the garage, a work room, the basement – places where installing an air conditioner is too much work as well as a waste of electricity to cool.

Yet, those are the places we seem to always have to use during the hottest days of the year.

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  1. Pete Pxb said:

    Here you go brother @[100000604210649:2048:King L. Benavidez]

  2. Aaron Shafer said:

    It’s a swamp fan. Old timers used to do the same thing with dry ice and a fan 😉

  3. Keith Clark said:

    If you have a blackout you won’t have electricity to run the fan.

  4. Laurie Nevins said:

    Another deceiving headline. This thing uses electricity. How are you supposed to use it during a blackout?!?!?