Do You Know These Natural Medicines? We’d Never Heard Of Oregano Oil Before…

If you've relied on over the counter drugs for a while but have recently discovered that they seem to expire quickly, perhaps it's time to switch over to natural remedies. Natural medicine is great to have on hand not only for an emergency but because you can use a number of natural ingredients for many other purposes too.

You'd be surprised how oils, honey, and more can help you during a crisis. For example, honey can be used as a moisturizer when you're out in the wilderness and your hands are getting dry. Bring a variety of natural ingredients with you while you're outdoors for emergency situations; you'll be glad that you did!

On the second page you'll learn about the natural medicine you should stock up on, so keep reading! 

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  1. William Sills said:

    I’m adding Garlic salt to my first aid kit.
    Lost a big chunk of skin the other day and it stopped the bleeding, Prevented infection and formed a nice low flexible protective micro skin instead of a hard crusty scab.
    Two thumbs up in my book!