This Awesome Tiny Home Wants To Be Made

Whether it is because of a desire for a more simple life, to save money or even to reduce our overall “footprint,” many people are downsizing their living spaces.

One way is to take advantage of the growing trend that is “tiny homes.”

You've probably seen examples of these on the internet or your local news program as they've been growing in popularity over the years.

Every time I've seen a program on these tiny homes, I've thought to myself…. man, that looks cramped. Other times it wasn't the size that concerned me but the overall design was tacky.

This amazing DIY tiny house breaks that mold.

A simple build, cozy, but ample living space, size that could fit in a backyard without too much effort and a cost that is not prohibitive. What more could you ask for? This awesome living space combines functionality, purpose of space, storage and comfort and manages to achieve all of that, plus it looks like an actual home and not a glorified shack.

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