Paracord Compression Strap For Easy Equipment Carrying- Check It Out!

When you are in a survival situation, carrying things becomes a crucial element to being able to take what you need where you want to go.

Soft items, like blankets, while lightweight are bulky and can be a real pain in the neck to lug around.

One way of addressing this issue is to make an awesome Paracord Compression Strap with an easy to grip handle to lug around those soft items that left untended, tend to be as much work to carry as a 50 pound barbell.

The materials you will need are a 10′ Red Paracord, 7′ Black Paracord, lighter or candle, scissors, serrated knife, pen tube, wire hangar, tape measure and wire cutters.

Head over to page two and see how you can make this Paracord Compression Strap For Easy Equipment Carrying!


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