Paracord Compression Strap For Easy Equipment Carrying- Check It Out!

Alright, you've only got 2 steps left to complete this project and you're done. But we're pretty confident that once you finish this bad boy, you're gonna want to make another. They come in so handy that it's worth having a few on hand. As of this post, we've made 4 and are working on our 5th.

Step 4: Creating a draw string around the loop

In order to secure the locking mechanism you need to be able to adjust the size of the loop on the loop ends.

Step 5: Finishing the locking mechanism on the open ended cords

1. Slide the pen casing over the open end of the cord opposing the loop that you just finished.

2. Since this is going to be the adjustable side of the strap we now need to tie an adjustable knot. After the casing is on the cord, loop it around and tie a double half hitch on the cable as shown above.

3. After you are finished with both sides you will be able to put the pen casing through the loop and sinch down the draw string locking your blanket or sleeping bag in place!

Using paracord to create a carrier for softer survival items is vital if you have to travel any amount of distance.

This Paracord Compression Strap configuration will allow you to carry just about anything under ten pounds that can be rolled up to fit the dimensions of the Strap.

For other great ideas and some tips on how to make the Paracord Compression Strap able to handle heavier loads, please visit Instructables.