How To Make This Rain Barrel For Survival

Most survivalists are conservationists by nature – not necessarily in the political sense – but in the practical sense.

We re-purpose, recycle, reuse, reclaim, re-engineer, we do a lot of “re-ing” because we are always trying to get the utmost potential of all we use or consume.

One easy thing that all of us should do that could be a life-saver in a survival situation is to collect and store rainwater.

In a survival situation, rainwater, while not safe for consuming directly, can be used to water a garden, to use to flush toilets or to wash with.

Virtually no matter where you live, rain water is there for the collecting and it is as easy as setting out barrels and waiting for the next rain storm.

On the next page, we will cover an easy and inexpensive to build method for collecting rainwater for survival!


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