[VIDEO] Make This Awesome Brick Stove For Under $10

Ideally, when a SHTF scenario or survival situation arises, you are fully prepared or at the very least can ride it out without having to improvise or adapt to meet an unanticipated need.

We all know that is not realistic, though, and most of us expect that we will have to improvise to cover unanticipated events or challenges.

This awesome, easy-to-make, brick stove that you can build for less than $10 or from bricks you salvage is one of those improvisational examples.

Using just 16 bricks (not counting the patio brick base,) you can build a stove that is efficient and easy to use.

While this brick stove is a quick way to cook yourself food, it also has the bonus of not attracting too much attention because of its size.

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