[VIDEO] Make This Awesome PVC Time Capsule That You Can Store Virtually ANYWHERE!

Preparation is critical to being able to handle a SHTF moment. One way of being prepared is to “pre-store” survival goods.

An excellent storage device is a sealed PVC “time capsule” that virtually anyone can make – even those of you for whom the concept of “DIY” makes you break out in hives.

A PVC time capsule is durable, water proof and easily hidden.

Its shelf-life is virtually forever and destroying it is next to impossible (it will not melt until about 360 degrees) so the storage shelf life of the PVC time capsule is the shelf life of the stuff you put into it.

By preparing a few of these in advance and storing them strategically, you can ensure that you have access to vital survival supplies in virtually any situation.

Check out this easy to make PVC time capsule on the following page!


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