[VIDEO] You Won’t Believe How This Flower Pot Gets Turned Into a BBQ

Improvisation is the one skill that every survivalist must learn; in fact, some survival experts say it is the most important skill a person in a survival situation can possess.

The more you absorb in regards to using every day items for improvised purposes, the better you get at recognizing how you can use those same items in a survival situation.

In this video, the setting is not a survival situation, but imagine if it was.

Imagine if you are in a SHTF moment and need to cook some food, but do not have a traditional cooking source or a campfire would be impractical.

By utilizing household items, a clay garden / flow pot, tin foil and scrap wire fencing, you can make a simple, but effective outdoor grill.

On the next page, we'll show you how to take a terracotta pot and turn it into a BBQ!


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  1. James Keefer Jr said:

    Won’t believe it huh? Bet I’d surprise the hell out of you with what I believe.