[VIDEO] Awesome Alcohol Lamp You Can Use As A Stove!

When the power goes out, having on hand or creating a light source is a small, but important step to regaining a sense of normalcy.

Most of us are somewhat prepared for a short-term outage with at least a single emergency light source and more often than not an array of kerosene lanterns, candles and battery operated lanterns and flashlights.

But what if you are not prepared or are not at your home? What can you use to create a light source using just the tools you have on hand?

Here is a really awesome way to quickly and easily build a lamp using a jar, rope and Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

Even more amazing, is how you can use this “lamp” and some tin cans to create an impromptu stove.

To see this incredibly easy to make idea, watch the video on the next page!


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