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How to Survive a Disaster When a Person Hasn’t Prepared

How to Survive a Disaster When a Person Hasn’t Prepared

While most of you are seasoned preppers, there might come a time where someone you know might not be immediately prepared for a disaster. If that’s the case, this article can be of help to them or even to you if you find yourself far away from your survival headquarters. With a few simple tips


Dead Wrong: 13 Survival Myths That Can Kill a Person

About the only survival topics more persistent than wild “what I would do” supposition about Zombie Apocalypses are myths regarding actual survival in scenarios that actually can happen. Many of these myths are decades old and were initiated in Hollywood by guys whose idea of “survival” was having to stay in a three-star hotel and


Why Sailing is Great for Emergency Preparedness

There are many ways of learning survival skills. For most, trying new skills in a controlled element like a weekend camping trip is the best approach while for others, taking classes that teach survival skills is the go-to alternative. One approach, covered in the article on the next page, is to take up sailing or


7 Self Defense Tips That Could Come in Handy

Survival, as always, is the key here on these pages. Men and, especially, women are often targets of some of the most unlikely people. A man may seem friendly then, get into an elevator with him, and suddenly a knife is pulled and cash is demanded. It is not a happy thought but it has

what to wear during a collapse

(Video) What a Person NEVER be Caught Wearing Post-Collapse.

Imagine you’re sitting down while watching an eppy of What Not to Wear that’s focused on survival. The person being judged is not passing the test because he made one of the worst wardrobe blunders ever and you’ll never believe what he’s wearing. If you were a survivalist on the show would you pass? When


What is an Earthbag and What are its Benefits?

Most of us cannot slap down hundreds of thousands of dollars on a second home or survival shelter without putting ourselves behind the financial eight-ball, at least for a time. If you are in that boat, carefully considering alternative construction methods is one way of getting what you need at a relatively low cost without


The Best States to Head to When All Hell Breaks Loose

Just about every survivalist has a “bug-out” plan, a strategy for what to do when a survival crisis hits and it becomes necessary to move to a safer locale (or even to “bug-in”). Less considered is where to go beyond “the camp” or some other predesignated safe space. Is your bug-out location optimal for long-term