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Fort Jefferson - Key West, Florida

7 Places Where a Person Can Survive the Inevitable Collapse That’s Coming

7 Places Where a Person Can Survive the Inevitable Collapse That’s Coming

Most of us who are into prepping and everything that has to do with survival likely have an idea what we will be doing when the grid goes down. We’ve made plans, have our bug out kits ready and are prepared to bug out (or bug in) the minute the call comes. However, while some


(Video) The 10 Dumbest Ways to Die a Person Must Avoid

Death is a highly emotional experience and in some cases a tragic experience. It’s sadder for the survivors than those who are deceased. After all, after you’re gone, all of your troubles are over for the most part. So don’t put your family through the possibility of losing you over something stupid. It’s best to


How to Hunt in a City When SHTF

While commuting to a job in Washington, DC back in the mid 1990’s, I was once stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour as wildlife officials cornered an errant deer that had run across the National Mall and down the middle of Constitution Avenue. As I listened to a play-by-play on the radio,

mystery man disappearing

How a Person Can Completely Disappear Without a Trace

It sounds like something out of a movie such as Mission: Impossible or one of the Jason Bourne films. For some reason you must leave and disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. It sounds challenging; everyone usually knows at least a few people throughout their life. Plus, you’ll need a new social security number,


What if Doomsday Happens, But No One Notices?

In most doomsday survival scenarios, something catastrophic happens – an EMP or a financial collapse, something that derails society so thoroughly that infrastructures break down, life as we know it ceases to exist and governments are pitted against the people. In this scenario, only the truly prepared – those with stocks of food and guns