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(Video) Overflowing Iconic Glory Hole Spillway is Quite the Site…

(Video) Overflowing Iconic Glory Hole Spillway is Quite the Site…

  The Monticello Dam spillway, just west of Sacramento, hasn’t seen water since 2006. Thanks to the welcomed but overwhelming California rains this year residents can now gather to watch and photograph water spilling into the iconic hole once again! It’s called the “Glory Hole” and it has residents shouting, “Glory Be!” The world-famous spillway


(Video) The 10 Dumbest Ways to Die That Must be Avoided

Death is a highly emotional experience and even some cases can be tragic. It’s harder for the survivors than those who are deceased. After all, when you’re gone, hopefully, all of your troubles should be over. So it’s vital not to put your family through the possibility of losing you over something stupid. It’s more


3 Fatal Errors to Avoid When Bugging In

Interestingly, we spoke to a friend recently and was never more aware of naivety when it comes to a SHTF scenario. She, a well-educated and what I thought was a worldly woman, said she thought if a situation like the grid going down occurred that people will come together in a community and help one another