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What Does the New President Mean for Off Grid Living?

What Does the New President Mean for Off Grid Living?

President Donald J. Trump is and remains one of the most polarizing political figures in history. Many people believe he will take away their rights and create a more hostile living environment for everyone living in the United States. With that said, many people voted for Trump and still support his recent policies. Among the

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If a Person is Thinking About Becoming a Homesteader, Then They MUST First Know These 3 Things. Don’t Do Anything Until Reading This List!

Deciding to live an off-grid life as a homesteader is a big change. It can be exciting and a memorable experience. It takes commitment, effort and so much more. When you’re thinking about changing your entire life, you have to put a few things into consideration. The following tips will give you three very important

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(Video) This Earthbag Home Time Lapse is Incredible. Now I Want to Build and Live in One ASAP!

Have you ever heard of an Earthbag home? It might seem like it’s a pretty complex style of shelter but it’s really not. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s a small home constructed out of bags packed with sand and dirt. This neat video shows you just how one couple built their own earthbag home. You’ll see