3 Things to Never Do When a Home Invasion is Taking Place


Home invasions and robberies take place frequently; in the United States alone, around 8,000 home invasions take place daily. That means there are over 2.5 million home invasions that take place yearly.

In addition, that statistic will only increase if we have to deal with a long-term collapse.

As the people who are unprepared get desperate, their tendency will be to lash out in every direction and take advantage however they can. An obvious target for the unprepared will be the preppers who are prepared and this is especially true if the family or prepper has food, water, and tools on handy.

This is just one important reason why understanding how to respond to a home invasion a critical skill every survivalist must understand.

After the break we cover some basics pertaining to how to properly respond to a home invasion.

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