Ways Heat and Humidity Can Damage a Home and What to Do About It

mountain cabin

It is August and so many states are having horrid heat waves and humidity. It seems like we hear about this year after year, how this is the worst it can possibly get then, after another year, it is just as bad or worse!

The thing is, while it is physically uncomfortable for ourselves, it is also debilitating for our homes too. Yes, they may only be wood, plaster, paint, and nails but houses are not above the damage caused by heat and humidity! The thing we have to do, especially those who plan to bug-in or have homesteads, is to ask ourselves: “Where should we look to see this damage?”

When you are prepping for a worst-case scenario you always want to have, as they say, all your chicks in a basket. Or in this case, all your home maintenance issues taken care of or repaired before the materials you may need are no longer available.

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