How to Go About Stocking Up on Water and the Mistakes We Must Avoid

Water Cisterns

Storing water for use in a survival situation is one area that almost every survivalist falls short – we simply do not store enough or stored properly and that can be a major impediment to making it through a long-term survival situation.

Because for most of us, water is all around us, we tend to take it for granted; we do not realize that in a survival situation, drinkable water will very quickly become scarce.

We also tend to underestimate how much water a person needs to and will consume on a daily basis – which leaves us under-supplied during an extended period of crisis.

Under-supplied can lead to having to restrict intake and eventually, running out of water in exactly the situation you do not want to have that happen!

On the next page, we cover some “do’s” and “don’t” regarding water storage; check it out!

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  1. John Alexander Stanford said:

    Any advice for an apartment dweller with a non climate controlled storage unit living outside of houston tx? With the goal of prepping for food/water storage for four people and for 90 days.