Why an Outdoor Boiler is More Effective and Beneficial Than a Wood Stove


When we were little we visited our Aunt Molly. She lived in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, in a little house, and she had an awesome wood stove. This stove did everything. She cooked in it and it warmed her house. People always gathered around her wood stove!

This was real camp-out type living for an eleven-year-old, staying with our Aunt for the Summer. She actually had an out-house!

We spent three months with her and this was probably where our love for prepping and surviving started. Our aunt canned, gathered wood for that stove, wove her own rugs, cleaned up the mess the wood stove made, grew her own veggies, and – we are sure – did something else with the wood stove! Sensing a pattern here?

How she might have benefitted with an outdoor boiler! Experts say they are far better than your average wood stove and less messy too!

After the break, go on over to the next page and read up on outdoor boilers and how effective and beneficial they are compared to a wood stove!

With all due respect to Aunt Molly and her way of life, we really feel this is the way to go and think you will agree with us when you study the advantages!

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