Why Everyone Should Consider This Sustainable Septic System for Survival

septic tank

It's easy to overlook sewage and sewage disposal when preparing for a survival situation. If we think about it this is actually odd because we all need a way to get rid of sewage every day. And since we're not like a wild animal the areas we can get rid of sewage is limited – mainly a toilet or outhouse.

This still will be the same reality we'll have to face during a survival scenario. Going to the bathroom is a constant thing for any human, except what we produce is going to have to go somewhere else. In many survival situations sewerage systems are compromised and traditional septic tanks just don't have a long enough shelf life.

Now, thanks to a City in Brazil, a new, sustainable sewage system is a great ideal for people who are preparing for a collapse. It's also ideal for homesteaders as a backup system. Think about it: If the sewage system gets compromised this backup system will work nicely1

This smart sewage system utilized tires and gravel and more. On the next page check out which materials are instructions are needed to create a backup sewage system for a home.

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