Military Veteran Who Lives Complete Off the Grid Was Asked to LEAVE His Land

off grid winter home

Living off the grid is a dream for many, and this is particularly true since the cost of living and living continue to rise.

While many survivalists enjoy developing their off grid land for use to be prepared for survival situations that will take place in the future, there are still many people who make off grid homes to live at full-time.

This is excellent news for preppers who live at their homestead full-time since their cost of living is considerably cut down. Consider for a moment what they would normally be spending on a home in a location where it's desirable to live!

Unfortunately some people who opt to live off grid run into problems. Many government officials have begun to crack down on this growing trend. They have started fining people who do not use power and water in their homes. Some officials have gone so far to put people in jail and evict them from their homes simply because they choose not to live their lives like everyone else does.

Tyler Truitt, who is a former Marine, learned this the hard way.

Read more about his story and what happened after the break.

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  1. David Johnson said:

    Shouldn’t have to pay for it but since they want to be pricks..

    Get the plumbing and have the electrical lines. Run off solar and wind, have grid connected to an attached garage to run a single led light bulb, separate from your solar/wind grid. Hook their water up to a sink in that same garage. Problem solved.

  2. Tom Hansen said:

    Would never move if they tried. I would die defending myself from tyranny. Total bullshit.

  3. Shane Pitsenbarger said:

    And since im the first one to comment. Yes it is “his land” but his land is on american soil. Just fyi.

  4. Dan White said:

    I’d like to read the article, but after the advertisement popped over the article for the second time, I decided it wasn’t worth it.

  5. Gary Garbutt said:

    Technically his land is Indian land. If he wants to live off grid shame on anyone who says otherwise..

  6. Eric Eugene said:

    It’s impossible to live in the Land Of The Free without owing the king something

    To you at that something must also be with an income that is subject to extortion

    Taxation is legalized slavery, and not a single person can argue against it

    Where can one erect shelter without being extorted by the crown?

    “Taxation is necessary for society”

    Wrong, ALLOCATION is necessary. You have to wipe your$#%&!@*after every$#%&!@* but you don’t say it’s necessary that someone else wipe it for you

  7. Marc Huntwork said:

    Ok if you’re not in city limits it near hook ups how can make hook up. If this you’re land can’t do this this totally bull sh#%it! If you choose there no law that tells you can’t live like this! I lived off grid many years I know many people live off grid and we never had this happen. We even help forest service to maintain the road.

  8. John Arruda said:

    this is bullshit, how is it law that he has to have electricity and running water, wtf, thought this was a free country, if he feels he don’t need or want electricety or running water that should be his choice not the fucking government,$#%&!@*the government, the system

  9. Mark Likens said:

    Its all about the taxes. If you are not hooked up to the grid then the government cant tax the utility companies. Follow the money.

  10. Pat Hachtel said:

    That’s the government they don’t like people that aren’t sucking the government teat.

  11. Jim Snapp said:

    So what he payed for that land people have died for less

  12. Shane Pitsenbarger said:

    Jim Snapp thats now how t works is all im sayin. Hes paying basically for the right to live there

  13. Heather Frye said:

    the answer is simple it impedes his right to the pursuit of life liberty and happiness. if hes a marine does he have ptsd from this occupation? is the whole issue brought up by a lack of permits causing him stress,is it undue stress? the constitution trumps all other laws.they have to abide by it. but this fella neefs to make sure his living off grid is not running raw sewage onto anyones property plus id put a 32 gallin bucket on the roof for rain catchment and hook it up to the faucets theres your running water. dont have to be hit and cold can be just cold and you only need permits to hook a well up to the house properly so the plumber has to okay it but if you aint got no well why you need a permit? id get an electric incinerator toilet so no septic and see what the easiest cheapest graywater system is that can be used legally.i know a guywho was pouring his photography chemicals and water in a giant bucket that ran out into a stream he used rocks sand and charcoal had the water tested before the epa git there and knew it was crystalclear before they came. epa was livid cause they couldnt shut him down . the water coming out of the hose was cleaner than than the original stream. so i think theres stuff you can do.but if they still wont have you brush even the dust of this place off of yoyr feet and leave… it will become much harder for them than you. go where they accept you. theres always two ways to fight.

  14. John Baker said:

    The damm gov wants everyone to be sheep they go after the lone wolf

  15. Stephen Macmaster said:

    This just goes to show America isn’t free and you idiots keep voting for people like Trump. It will continue to happen… Leave our veterans alone

  16. Shane Hansell said:

    That’s when you draw the line in the sand and tell them if they got balls to cross it