Using This Building Style, NASA Wanted to Colonize Mars. Here Are 7 Reasons We Should Utilize This Style Ourselves.


We’ve been hearing a lot about colonizing the planet Mars these days, despite the fact the planet’s atmosphere could kill us! Still, once scientists get their acts together, funds and expertise are allowed – we are talking years and year from now – there may one day be a potential home away from home on the “red planet!”

By this time we currently on Earth may be long gone but never under estimate the power of want and will!

How, you may wonder, will they build on the planet? What type of materials will these new homes be made from? Actually, we can simply look to Earth's past and come up with something that may well be used in the future.

We are talking about earthbag technology!

It’s not as far-fetched as you may believe. Experts have come up with the many reasons why this type of material will work. Go to the next page and read up why NASA wants to use this technology and why we, as survivors and preppers, ought to be using it now here on Earth!

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