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10 Epic Survival Uses For Duct Tape

If you are a DIY’er as well as a survivalist (they are two different things after all,) chances are that you already know the amazing qualities and versatility of duct tape. I’ve used duct tape on my truck, to hold piping together, as a marker for a property line, to pull two pieces of vinyl

How To Create Fire Logs From Paper

You never know when a crisis can hit. In a blink of an eye, a life-threatening situation can emerge. And as a survivalist, it’s critical for you to be prepared if and when that happens. Store food and other supplies in an event of an emergency. Also, burning fire logs or fire bricks could be a

Emergency Fishing Techniques Survivalists Need To Know

The next time you’re on a wilderness adventure, you need to be prepared if you should ever get separated from your gear. Berries will sustain you for a minimal amount of time, but you need a more substantial meal. In a survivalist situation, you need to know what to eat and learning the correct fishing techniques

[VIDEO] Make This DIY Tripwire Alarm For Under $1

Securing your survival space, particularly in a crisis, is paramount. In a SHTF moment, anyone who is prepared will eventually be viewed as a target by those who are unprepared. That fact is an inevitable and grim reality and the risk of someone attempting to breach the prepared survivalist’s space grows exponentially as long as the

40 Epic Alternate Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils have played a role in healing common and more tricky wounds, illnesses, rashes for centuries. They have also been used as disinfectants and to boost immune systems. Long before pharmaceutical breakthroughs became the norm, people relied on essential oils to keep healthy, clean their homes, treat wounds, even to alleviate symptoms of blisters!

9 Awesome Alternate Uses For Pantyhose

Pantyhose – They’re not just for robbing banks anymore! This amazing product is cheap, lightweight, flexible, durable and able to be used in dozens and dozens of ways. Almost every household has a few and as they outlive their intended purpose, the innovative survivalist can re-purpose them; our household has a bag in the cellar-way that is

[VIDEO] Survivalists Guide To Filet Fish

Whether you are in a survival situation or just wrapping up an awesome day of fishing, no one likes cleaning and fileting fish. With big fish it can get messy if you do not know what you are doing and with little fish, downright impossible. Even for lifelong fisher-persons, fileting is the one chore that has