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Get Rid Of Fruit Flies With This Natural (And Simple!) Method

In my household growing up, we had a few classifications for house flies and fruit flies. Most of the names we gave them are most definitely not fit for print, so with that in mind we’ll just reference those little buggers as “nuisances” and “pests”. Those words were pretty much high on the list of exclamations whenever we came

Simple Survival Hacks That Actually Work

More than anything, surviving a SHTF moment or survival situation requires the ability to be able to use your surroundings to your best advantage. Being resourceful is a skill that is only possible through practice. In essence, you have to train yourself to see opportunity and then know how to use it! That means always

Survival Hacks That Come JUST From Leaves

Just about every survivalist knows that plants – roots, fruits, nuts, vegetables, leaves – are edible. What is less known is the many, many other uses leaves provide in a camping, survival or SHTF situation. Depending where you are located, leaves can be medication, cordage, insulators and much, much more. Knowing what leaves can be used and

[VIDEO] Epic Survival Uses For Extension Cords

Using regular household items for uses other than their intended function in a survival situation is an imperative skill you must master (if you have not already). Just about everything in a SHTF moment can be re-purposed for other uses and that includes your old, worn-out extension cords. Almost everyone has old extension cords lying

10 Awesome Outdoor Uses For Trash Bags

As survivalists we love to find multiple uses for the most common items. It’s conjures up feelings of being practical and let’s face it…. that’s what we live for. When you are outside, roaming the wilderness, it’s nice not to have that extra poundage in your backpack. So, if you have a roll of trash

Helpful Hacks For Camping And Outdoor Excursions

For most of us, camping trips are fun, but very closely resemble battle plans or a football game plan: On paper, it looks like glory and success are a simple process of chess, but once the action starts, the best laid plan becomes basically inoperable. Especially when you remember belatedly you forgot the bug spray,

8 Self Reliant Uses For Epsom Salts

We recall our father, back in the day, coming home from work and bathing his feet in a nice pan of Epsom Salt. He swore it was a miracle worker, taking away aches and pains and healing the mind and soul. At that time we never thought of Epsom Salt for the garden but maybe

Gardening Hacks You Need To Start Using

Maintaining a garden can be very rewarding. It’s an opportunity to build a self sustaining food source, which is great for a survival. And many agree that the act of gardening is an excellent source of stress relief. We know of at least two friends who go out and work in their gardens whenever they start

4 Fishing Gear Modifications You Should Be Using

As a lifelong fisherman (well, almost lifelong; I was not technically fishing at one year old, although, I probably was thinking about it!) fishing has been the one constant, whether I lived in NJ, Washington, DC, Philadelphia or New Hampshire. I have been fortunate to have fished in 49 of our States, dozens of times.

Learn How To Make Alcohol With These Homegrown Foods

If you are a serious survivalist you probably already have a garden and maybe even a fruit tree or two. If you’re lucky (or as we say, self sufficient and prepared) you’ve got your salad, your side dish and even dessert all there for the taking. But we are all about multi-purposing so … Did you know

21 Epic Uses For Coca Cola

But it’s not as absurd as you might think! Coca Cola is not just a refreshing soda, particularly delicious over ice in your favorite tall glass, but it’s also quite useful. We’ve all got a laundry list of things that need to be done around the house and in our yard. So when we find every day

[VIDEO] 25 Survival Uses For Your Leather Belt

The key to survival in any situation is to use the tools around you to their optimal potential. One oft overlooked survival item that everyone has is a leather belt. In a survival situation, that old, worn, faded leather belt actually has many more uses than just holding up your pants. Whether to strap things together,