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(Video) Incredible Battery Hacks We Must Learn and Know

(Video) Incredible Battery Hacks We Must Learn and Know

Generally, the more survival or life hacks you know, the better you will be in a survival situation. You simply never know when someone’s experimenting with everyday items to make them into something else will come in handy. The same is true with batteries and how they work. Batteries play a role in an awful

25 Hacks You Must Know in a Survival Situation

The key to most survival situations or SHTF moments is using common sense. Extraneous to that, is knowing the “tricks of the trade” or “hacks.” No matter what the survival situation, people who know these hacks are in a much better position than those who do not. Hacks are common sense advice and things you

[VIDEO] 5 SHTF Survival Hacks You Need To Know

When you get down to it, thriving in everyday life or a survival situation comes down to common sense, preparation and knowing the “tricks of the trade,” so to speak, that make life easier. In a survival situation, the easier you make things the better your state of mind and the greater your chances of

[VIDEO] Awesome Paracord Uses You Didn’t Know About!

Dan’s Depot brings us this really entertaining and captivating video about paracord and its many uses. Actually, they give us one hundred and one applications for paracord! There are many uses for paracord you probably never even thought about! Craig is our host. He and his companions act out and show us a variety of

[VIDEO] Epic Survival Uses For Vaseline

Oh, this is a good one! Any prepper, homesteader or survivalist will want to know all about the uses of Vaseline! As we have said over and over again, we love items that have practical and plenty of uses. Vaseline is one of these items! It doesn’t just make for a terrific moisturizer or cold

Make This Simple Feeding Station For Animals In Nature

As a homesteader or prepper your garden and/or fields are important. They will keep you sustained during the toughest of situations. Unfortunately, the better the field the more likely animals will come by, wanting to take advantage of the great greenery you’ve grown. Meanwhile in the woods, Survivor Lilly finds scrap pieces of wood and

[VIDEO] 44 EPIC Uses For Duct Tape

We all know that duct tape is one of the most useful and versatile inventions ever conceived; just about everyone has a story about how they used duct tape in an unconventional way and how it saved the day! Duct tape was invented during World War II to seal ammunition cases – from there it

[VIDEO] See How You Can Make Fire With A Mirror

Being able to create a fire in a survival situation is critical to giving yourself a major advantage to making it through unscathed. With fire, you can cook, warm yourself, provide light and even use it as self-defense. Without it, your situation may not become dire, but it will become far more uncomfortable. Spending a night in