[VIDEO] Build Your Own ‘Business Bucket’ For When Nature Calls

A common maxim in survival philosophy is that creature comforts, those little things that make life easier or more comfortable, but that we take for granted, can move a survival situation from miserable to bearable.

This is because those little comforts help build and sustain morale, which improves one's outlook on the entire situation.

In a survival scenario, a strong morale can provide a person with the willpower to persevere, no matter how miserable the immediate circumstances might be or seem.

This amazing “Business Bucket” is one of those little things you can do to create one of those creature comforts that help improve your immediate situation and outlook.

Check out the video on the next page to see how your “business bucket” can not only improve your experience relieving yourself, it can also be a useful survival tool and help build your morale.


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  1. Jeff Sheyn said:

    Wesley Thomas…..we’re no strangers to capping in a bucket…..

  2. Robert Cardenas said:

    If out in the woods then why not just shyt on the ground like any normal person comes out easier from squatting and helps nature ..why poop in a bucket unless the buck is in a house somewhere when its to cold to go out side ..

  3. Brent On said:

    I’ve kept a cut pool noodle and bucket on the pontoon boat for years for this exact purpose. Wife likes it.

  4. Jeff Sheyn said:

    And when your not crap’n it can double as trapper basket

  5. Angela Wilson said:

    If you use a bucket then you control where it is dumped and do not contaminate any water sources.

  6. Robert Cardenas said:

    If your out in the woods and take a poop well its just like animals do it it nature …??? lol