[VIDEO] Learn How To Open A Can With Your Bare Hands!

One of the most important skills a person can possess in a doomsday or survival situation is the ability to adapt and improvise.

This is a critical skill because survival situations can pop up at any moment and unless a person is hyper-prepared, the chances are they will not have all the tools they would like at their disposal.

That means using the tools available, even if they are not conventional.

In this awesome video, you will learn a new way to open up cans – without the luxury of a can opener, knife or any other conventional tool – just a concrete block.

And no, the trick is not to smash the can to smithereens – it's MUCH cooler than that!

Check out this amazing method of opening cans with nothing more than concrete in the video on the next page


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  1. Wade Jesick said:

    Turn it upside down on concrete, asphalt, or a flat rock. Put some pressure on it and slide it back and fourth till you have wore down the edge of the lid. It will come right off. That’s the only thing I could think of. Didn’t click on it. I hate click bait.

  2. Travis Cole said:

    Hey @[1143817013:2048:David Betourney] thought you may enjoy this?

  3. Clyde Miller said:

    Do not open this site as it has a virus attached. You will be sorry.

  4. Jason Stites said:

    Look it up on YouTube. There are more than one way too do it. Worked for me.

  5. Louis J Jaramillo said:

    I’ve been doing this since I was 8.
    I do It with beer cans to remove the tops so my daughter can collect rocks while camping and she doesn’t cut herself.

  6. Amanda Cabrera said:

    Well for several decades it was either squeeze it, smash it against a rock, rub it on cement, or stab it with a knife.

    Can you believe it took 50y to make a can opener?

    Yeah we have this way of presetving food for the army.
    Ok how do i open it?
    eh…. we didnt think that far ahead.

  7. Amanda Cabrera said:

    Look up
    Crazy russian hacker
    How to open a can without canopener
    Etc on youtube youll find several methods.

  8. Curtis A Robbins said:

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  9. Peter Eisenhauer said:

    Very good video. I agree with Mike on writing the contents on the can. In case label comes off.

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