9 Awesome Alternate Uses For Pantyhose

Pantyhose – They're not just for robbing banks anymore! This amazing product is cheap, lightweight, flexible, durable and able to be used in dozens and dozens of ways.

Almost every household has a few and as they outlive their intended purpose, the innovative survivalist can re-purpose them; our household has a bag in the cellar-way that is full of them.

Even if you have to buy a few if you do not have any old pantyhose around the house, they are very inexpensive, especially when you consider their versatility.

You can use them as netting, part of a trap, to store small nuts and bolts, in applying first aid, as a mask to keep out dust, as a repellent against tick bites, literally the possibilities are endless.

On the next page we'll provide you with a list of our favorite uses for this incredible product!


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