Hide Your Gun In Plain Sight: This Is Badass!

One of the greatest responsibilities of a gun owner is to make sure their firearm is safely handled and stored at all times.

A major responsibility for anyone facing a SHTF moment, however, is to make sure that they have quick access to a firearm should the need arise.

When you are faced with a SHTF situation, being able to hide your firearm while maintaining ease of access is critical to your survival. Achieving both poses a challenge.

One way, though, to accomplish both is to hide your firearm – in plain sight.

This clever method of camouflaging a firearm of any size ensures no one will easily identify where it is hidden, but access and deployment is just a matter of seconds.

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  1. Ray Watkins said:

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  2. Dave Pernice said:

    This is pretty lame…how bout under the couch pillow your watching TV on when the SHTF!…Motion sensors? Really ?