40 Epic Alternate Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils have played a role in healing common and more tricky wounds, illnesses, rashes for centuries.

They have also been used as disinfectants and to boost immune systems.

Long before pharmaceutical breakthroughs became the norm, people relied on essential oils to keep healthy, clean their homes, treat wounds, even to alleviate symptoms of blisters!

Doctors as soon as a few decades ago used to rely on essential oils to treat some illness or wounds.

While advancements in conventional medicine have provided us with over-the-counter and prescription remedies to many of our maladies, if you are concerned about over-dependence on pharmaceuticals, then essential oils are a must for you.

They are an organic way to keep yourself healthy or use to clean your living environment without resorting to conventional medicine or chemicals.

On the following page, we list 40 awesome uses for this amazing substance and how they can treat your ailments and more!


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