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stockpiling crackers

Do You Love Crackers? Here’s an Easy Way to Stockpile Them for a SHTF Situation

Do You Love Crackers? Here’s an Easy Way to Stockpile Them for a SHTF Situation

Stockpiling is essential if you’re a prepper and besides food basics, it’s nice to have some of your favorite food items if possible. Some are difficult to keep fresh, whereas some are quite easy. Canning allows you to store many types of  vegetables and meat, for example, but it doesn’t always work for everything. In

14 Of The Best Primitive Weapons For Survival

In preparation for a survival situation, we often imagine what we would do if a disaster hit and we were left with nothing. For instance, if we were left without any major form of protection, we’d need alternatives. Learning how to make and properly utilize primitive weapons is a must. That way if something catastrophic occurs

How To Create Fire Logs From Paper

You never know when a crisis can hit. In a blink of an eye, a life-threatening situation can emerge. And as a survivalist, it’s critical for you to be prepared if and when that happens. Store food and other supplies in an event of an emergency. Also, burning fire logs or fire bricks could be a

Emergency Fishing Techniques Survivalists Need To Know

The next time you’re on a wilderness adventure, you need to be prepared if you should ever get separated from your gear. Berries will sustain you for a minimal amount of time, but you need a more substantial meal. In a survivalist situation, you need to know what to eat and learning the correct fishing techniques

Step By Step Guide To Tree Stump Removal

If you have a tree stump that you’d like to remove on your own, there’s no doubt as a modern-day survivalist you can check this task off your list in no time. In fact, there are a few methods you can use to safely remove a tree stump without causing injury and simplifying the process.

Would You Use This Plant Identifier App?

Living a self-sufficient life has many benefits. You’re knowledgeable about a lot of different things. Especially things that pertain to being outdoors. For example camping, your latest adventure, and planning for emergency situations. Over the years you’ve been able to identify which supplies are important to have on hand, which foods are sustainable, how to

10 Insects You Can Survive On In The Wild

What would you do if you were stuck in a survival situation where you either had to eat bugs or starve? You may feel that eating bugs is out of the question, at least for you. But many people in other parts of the world make eating bugs a primary source of their everyday food intake. Bugs