When I Heard About This Fire Starter Trick That Extends the Life of a Fire, I Put This Item in My Bug Out Bag Right Away!

fire starting tip

When faced with a survival situation and you're stuck out in the wilderness where it happens to be raining or foggy, it's hard to get a fire started let alone keeping it going. A fire is what you need to make sure you stay warm, can cook food, and not freeze at night after the sun goes down.

Of course, you should practice your prepper skills before a scenario like this takes place, but sometimes the unexpected can happen. Luckily there are tricks you can learn now so if faced with a situation where your fire keeps burning out, you'll know what to do.

If you're familiar with the show Fat Guys in the Woods then you know all about the host and survivalist Creek Stewart. He's known to give excellent advice and tips in regards to surviving in the wilderness. On the next page, he'll provide you with a clever way to keep your fire burning, even when the weather is inclement.

When you see what he uses to keep his fire burning you'll be blown away. Who knew a simple everyday household item could keep your fire ablaze?!

Check out the next page to find out what Stewart says can help your fire start during any inclement weather situation. 

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  1. Larry Kistler said:

    I already have cotton balls slathered in Vaseline in my outdoor bag. Also a small dollar size bottle of hand sanitizer, small medicine bottle of dryer lint, a bic lighter, and magnesium bar/flint as well.

  2. David Schueller said:

    Take leftover wax from candles and melt them into egg cartons. Some of the best fire starters ever. Vaseline works really well too.

  3. Benjamin Hagerl said:

    Kinda like paraffin wax shavings in ur tinder and using a candle to light the fire…

  4. Darin Weisenberger said:

    Grab some chapstick or similar lip oinment, does the same thing. Plus it comes in it’s own container and you can use it on small sticks or other tinder as well.

  5. Darin Weisenberger said:

    While gasolilne may work, I’d not want it in my BOB or the get home bag in my car. But I do have dryer lint in both bags.

  6. Kevin Budde said:

    I used cotton balls & Vaseline to provide myself warm water for drinks & shaving (not at the same time) when I was in the field doing marine stuff. Seems the antibiotic is better used for cuts & scrapes

  7. Kevin Budde said:

    I like to put balls of dryer lint in paper egg cartons, then poor melted wax over it. Easy way to start camp fires. Seems like it’d be good for the get home bag.

  8. Alan Beghtel said:

    You know you could just tell us what it is without all the clickbait, right?

  9. Jeff McGee said:

    Been doing the dryer lint and vasoline in medicine bottles for years. Works great.

  10. Charles Eaton said:

    Drier lint stuffed in a straw and sealed with vaseline. Light a simple crayon it will burn for a couple of hours.

  11. Tony Clark said:

    It turns out that by taking your tinder bundles and then mixing them with petroleum jelly, you can actually turn your fibers into a wick! These tinder bundle will now burn up to 100 times as long as normal tinder bundles would. A fire’s flame that’s much bigger and stronger will not only continue to burn throughout the night, but you won’t have to worry about dealing with the inclement weather challenges!

  12. Daryl Smith said:

    I carry a spice bottle full of cotton balls soaked in Vaseline.

  13. Patrick Duffney said:

    I use dyer lint shoved in a cardboard egg cartoon then topped off with candle wax. Tear them off and you have 12 starters

  14. Robert Styles said:

    Already had it. Guess there are a few perks from living up here in the part of the County that was never on the “big map” in the “Patrol Office” or “Roll Call” room!? Huh?! Ha!

  15. Bruce Doolin said:

    old news for beginners most people dont even know what a bugout bag or EDC are

  16. Anonymous said:

    Been rubbing cotton balls with Vaseline for ages, storing in an old plastic film canister, keep it and the magnesium striker in the same pack – it only takes one tiny spark to light it.

  17. George Kolankowski said:

    So…..how much room in the trunk of the car , is large jar of petroleum gel going to take ? And a good waterproof striker ? Good advice .

  18. Athanasios Fidas said:

    Works every time! I’ve also used Crisco in a can. Much cheaper and works exactly the same.

  19. George Gonzalez Jr said:

    good info i have cotton balls with Vaseline in old prescription bottles ready and dryer lint also 🙂