Natural Sunburn Relief Spray You Need to Keep in Your Bug-Out-Bag

sunburn spray

Maybe you like to go camping, hunting and the like. Depending on where you are located it can be warm, and it may be very easy to get sunburned. If your sunburn is bad enough you may have to take a break. It's then that you realize you don't have anything to relieve the pain you're experiencing.

There's a solution to this problem, however. If you make a DIY sunburn relief spray like the one on the page, you'll have something to bring along with you and apply to your skin. Your sunburned survivalist friends may want to try it too!

Keep in mind that when you're bugging out it's still important to protect your face and neck and you can do this with a hat or bandana. However, if you still end up with a sunburn, you'll want relief. And fast.

Read about a natural sunburn relief spray that you can make on your own. Get relief from sunburns and alleviate some of the pain!

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