Are Charcoal Tablets Dangerous? We Were Surprised To Find That….

Charcoal tablets are great to have in a survival situation, especially if you're suffering from food poisoning or mercury poisoning.

If you're alone and in need of help, charcoal save your body from the toxic poison releasing itself in your body. Essentially, in an emergency situation, charcoal can be a life saver. But despite the benefits, it should be used with caution. You might be wondering why this would be, considering it's a life saving item.

Turns out…charcoal tablets can actually be harmful to you.

If you have a regime that includes taking medication or vitamins daily, adding charcoal can be harmful. And for the exact same reason it helps you weed out poison, ironically.

If you take charcoal when you're taking a medication that your body requires, it does what it's supposed to do and reduces the effectiveness of your med's because it absorbs everything in your system.

There are other things it can effect too, such as your digestion.

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