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bug out vehicle trailer

(VIDEO) Wait Until You See This Prepper’s Bug Out Trailer – I Can’t Stop Thinking About It!

(VIDEO) Wait Until You See This Prepper’s Bug Out Trailer – I Can’t Stop Thinking About It!

If you have a trailer you use to haul all of your gear around then, you most likely love it. It’s the perfect investment for contractors, outdoorsmen, and more. But did you also know that a trailer is a great investment for… preppers?! Believe it or not, but converting a trailer into a bugout home

cutting into a pine tree

4 Eye-Opening Ways a Pine Tree Can Keep You Alive

It never ceases to amaze me just how survival uses you can glean from a single tree. Specifically, a pine tree can keep you alive for days in the wilderness. When the collapse happens, and you find yourself without food or shelter, a pine tree is your ticket to survival. Within a single pine tree,

knife in a pine tree

4 Mind-Altering Ways a Pine Tree Can Keep You Alive

When SHTF and you get lost or stranded out in the woods, it’s easy to panic. Sure, by now you’ve practiced bugging out, but nothing can prepare you for that moment during a collapse when you’re alone without food or supplies. It’s at that moment the reality settles in — you’re not sure how long

cutting into a pine tree

Four Eye-Opening Ways a Pine Tree Can Save Your Life

When SHTF life can be unpredictable. Even if one day you have your bug out bag and are near civilization, the next day could bring something completely unpredictable, separating you from your cabin, bug out bag, and family. If you are out in the woods without a bug out bag or supplies, don’t panic. It

knife in a tree

5 Common Beliefs About Knives That Turn Out to Be False

Have you ever read something compelling over the internet and then assumed it was correct? If you have, you’re not alone. I too have done the same. Unfortunately, assuming something is true can cause problems, however. When it’s repeated over and over people begin to assume something is true… when it’s not. This same thing

cottonmouth snake

Can You Identify These 6 Highly Venomous & Deadly Snakes?

Just when you thought being bit by a venomous snake was next to impossible, it can take place. I should know because when I was fifteen-years-old, my dad got bit by a rattlesnake. No, we weren’t hiking or bugging out in the woods. He was gardening in our backyard when he came across this baby rattler and

handmade knife

5 Truths About Knives That Are Actually… False!

Have you ever read something on the internet and automatically assumed it was true without checking your sources? If you have, you don’t have to worry, because I too am guilty of this. There are many sites you feel you can trust, but a lot of times if more research doesn’t take place you may