He Took Out a Rope and Cut it in Half Without Using Any Tools. How He Made This Possible? This is a Survival Hack You NEED to See to Believe!

cutting a rope with rope

Every survivalist will come across a life threatening emergency in their life where they will need rope or need to figure out how to cut rope. If you don't have the proper tools to complete a task you may think you're hosed, but after seeing this video, you'll soon realize that you don't need any tools at all!

As we all know survival has a lot to do with improvising and this video demonstrates just that. The prepper in this video thinks fast and figures out a clever way to cut a rope… without using any tools. It may sound impossible, but it's not!

Keep in mind that when push comes to shove, you will be forced to improvise and when it comes to that pivotal moment, will you be able to think fast enough? You may be forced to re-purpose tools or use what you have in that pivotal situation. What happens next will dictate whether you live or die.

So how can you cut a rope without any tools?

Here's a hint: This is a hack you can complete that is literally “hiding in plain site.”

To learn exactly what that means, visit the next page. Now you can find out how to cut a rope by improvising and not having to rely on tools to get you out of a bind!

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  1. Nick Fowler said:

    I’ll save everyone some time. You step on the rope you wish to cut, slide another rope underneath, pull up “saw” back and forth until the rope breaks.

  2. Richard Dambrowski said:

    thats interesting I guess, but far from a hack and good way to weaken your availible cordage , even if you find yourself without your steel (shame on you) there is far faster and more effective ways to cut a length of cordage , this is a waste of time and resources