6 Deadly and Venomous Snakes: Can You Identify Them?

dangerous snakes

You never know when you might get bit by a venomous snake. Why? Because when I was a teenager my dad got bit by a venomous snake in my own backyard. He thought it was a bull snake but due to its size (it was a baby snake), it was hard to identify. Soon after he figured out, it was a rattlesnake, but it was already too late. He got bit by a potentially deadly snake and needed to get help.

Identifying a venomous snake is tricky, but if you learn and study about the different colors and head shape on various snakes, it's a lot easier to identify one. If you're going through a SHTF situation or camping out and you happen to come across a venomous snake, there's no guarantee you won't get bit, but it's easier knowing what type of snake you're encountering.

It's good to understand that the majority of snakes are not venomous, but at the same time there are plenty of deadly snakes slithering around that you should be wary of. My dad did come across a snake, and it was venomous. I'd say it's better to be safe than sorry to know what type of snake you're dealing with when SHTF.

After the break learn how to identify a copperhead snake and what states you may encounter one in. 

Also, it's in your best interest to continue to learn about more venomous snakes, and you can compare their different head shapes and body coloring here. Know which snakes are in your area and you may stand a chance if and when you encounter one. 

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