Five Common Beliefs About Knives That Turn Out to Be False

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Reading something on the internet and then assuming it is true is easy to do. In fact, I find myself doing this all the time. However, I have to stop and think. Who is the source and how much do they know about this topic? Nine times out of ten the author is pulling their information from another source, which is what we all tend to do.

Now, there's nothing wrong with that, but what happens is when something is repeated over and over again through the years everyone assumes that it's true when that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Well, it turns out these myths are also affecting your beliefs about knives. 

It's normal for fact and fiction to eventually merge, which leads to a ton of confusion. When it gets to that point, a survivalist isn't sure what to believe or whether the knife they own is legit or flawed.

Preppers who own knives and knife owners in general should understand that what once was considered true a decade ago or even one hundred years ago may not be the same truth today. For example, if your grandad tells you that your knife isn't the best there is because he knows which knives are best, don't necessarily believe him. Knives in our industry today are not the same as they once were, even though knives from the past still can kick some serious butt.

Get ready to unmask some truths about knives that are in all reality false. It's about time we dispelled some myths and you never know — you may be surprised to discover those “facts” that have been around for many, many years are no longer applicable today! 

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  1. Jeremy Maness said:

    I really hate trying to read about stuff and I have to click next page. When the hell will you figure out to put it on one page, and leave it at that.

  2. Jordan Hall said:

    Who ever wrote this thinks he is a metal expert/blacksmith……

  3. Cliff Caro said:

    The old sharp finger that is, I think they are made in china now. I have one, its turned about black but still one of the best knives I have

  4. Lee Cap said:

    So the first “myth” about the type of steel not being a factor? You are telling me that the alloy of a particular place along with the heat treating isn’t a factor in hardness?

  5. Lee Cap said:

    My favorite folder to date spyderco endura half serrated.

  6. Matthew Collins said:

    They do that because each new page you visit generates more ad revenue from the ads on the sides and bottom of the page.