Find Out Why a Pine Tree is Invaluable to Your Survival

gathering pine resin

As a prepper, you know that the wilderness is full of natural supplies that you can use to your advantage. You never know when you might get stranded without your bug out bag, which means you may need to hike to your bug out cabin and possibly even spend the night without a thing besides the shirt on your back.

Even if you're prepared this can be a scary scenario and hopefully it's one that you've practiced enough to handle. By now you should know how to start a fire on your own and figure out where it's safe to find shelter, or at least, sleep until you can hike to your cabin the next day.

Many preppers can educate you on what outdoor supplies are within you reach, such as Fat Guys in the Woods‘ Creek Stewart. He offers advice as to why he loves the pine tree and how it can help you!

Like I just mentioned, one natural element in the forest is a pine tree, which you can use to help you start a fire. After the break,  find out what is about pine trees that are crucial to your survival! 

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