Do You Love Crackers? Here’s an Easy Way to Stockpile Them for a SHTF Situation

stockpiling crackers

Stockpiling is essential if you're a prepper and besides food basics, it's nice to have some of your favorite food items if possible. Some are difficult to keep fresh, whereas some are quite easy. Canning allows you to store many types of  vegetables and meat, for example, but it doesn't always work for everything.

In addition to canning, there are other ways to keep food fresh. Obviously, candy won't go bad very easily so there's an easy way to keep candy fresh, but what about crackers?

It's true that crackers are tasty, and they also work well to settle an upset stomach. During a survival situation if you don't have access to Tums or another antacid that can help soothe an upset stomach, crackers and fizzy water are your next best option.

In this case, the prepper on today's video loves Ritz crackers, so she seeks a way to preserve them. To check out an easy way to keep crackers fresh for when SHTF, visit the next page.

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