14 Of The Best Primitive Weapons For Survival

In preparation for a survival situation, we often imagine what we would do if a disaster hit and we were left with nothing. For instance, if we were left without any major form of protection, we'd need alternatives.

Learning how to make and properly utilize primitive weapons is a must. That way if something catastrophic occurs and our world as we know it suddenly takes on the appearance of times set back to the 1800's or before, at least you'd know what to do.

For one, what would you do if you encountered a wild animal in the wilderness, such as a boar? Without any form of protection, you're pretty much a sitting duck. But with primitive weapons, know knowledge and practice, you'll have a way to protect yourself.

Keep reading to learn all about the primitive weapons you can learn how to use for an emergency situation. 

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  2. Jimmie Cisneros said:

    Im glad Atlatl was on the list, im still surprised when in survivalist circles how many ppl are unfamiliar with the atlatl.