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(VIDEO) Here’s How to Suture Yourself Shut When SHTF

(VIDEO) Here’s How to Suture Yourself Shut When SHTF

Knowing how to suture a wound, on yourself or someone else, is an invaluable skill in a survival situation, particularly if the situation you faced started with any type of violent action or if medical help is far away or non-existent. Nature is, in many ways, out to get us and that reality is exacerbated


(VIDEO) Learning How to Make a Poultice Could be Your Ticket to Healing Blisters and More When You’re Out in the Wild…

Prior to big name pharmaceutical brands and doctors prescribing pills for every ailment under the sun (many of which have side-effects that far outweigh the benefits–if one of the side effects is “death,” maybe you should take that pill back to the drawing board…but I digress), most people relied on the almost miraculous healing effects

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How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

Whether you’re living in an Indiana-Jones-like-fear of these creatures, or you don’t find them threatening at all, venomous snakes will bite you before you have time to really consider your options. Many people are bitten by snakes when they’re simply not paying attention. They forget to check their surroundings before they move, and end up