(VIDEO) She Found Survival Medicine in the Woods. When You Find Out What it Is? Life-Saving!


If you do a little research you will find there are a lot of remedies, cures and pain relievers that can be found in nature. More and more we hear about plants like Tansy and the California Poppy that go a long way in soothing any number of medical complaints.

If you were to get lost in the woods are end up bugging out for a long period of time, there may come a time where you fall ill. If this took place it would be beneficial to know where to find plants that you could utilize to make medicine. Not only would this type of skill be valuable, but it could be life-saving.

In the video over on the next page we will be introduced to Ribwort Plantain. Survival Lilly says it is one of the best survival herbs that you can find and she has impressive research to back her claims.

Lily gives us a number of ways to use Plantain and we even see her boiling some in a pot, getting it ready for use.

Please go over to the next page and watch the video and listen in on some incredible uses of Ribwort Plantain!

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  1. Craig Smith said:

    There is tons of medicine in the woods. Alot of herbs can be planted from all over the world depending on your growing zone. You can guerilla garden your local woods and pick the herbs when you need it.