(VIDEO) She Found Survival Medicine in the Woods. When You Find Out What it Is? Life-Saving!


Special note: Not all wilderness plants are good for you, some can be quite deadly, but Ribwort Plantain is an exception and something all preppers should have, in one form or another, in their medical arsenal! Learn how to properly use it and make similar survival medicine by learning all about it on the video:

The texture and color of this plant seems key and, for a prepper or survivalist, although the book Lilly mentions is a bit pricey we can only imagine the wealth of information it contains! It might be well worth it to find the American or Canadian equivalent!

Again, while not every plant mother-nature brings to us may be good for human beings, when we find something like a Plantain it’s always impressive and can be used for more than one purpose!

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  1. Craig Smith said:

    There is tons of medicine in the woods. Alot of herbs can be planted from all over the world depending on your growing zone. You can guerilla garden your local woods and pick the herbs when you need it.