You Just Got Bit by a Venomous Snake. Here’s How to Survive.


Whether you have a phobia of snakes like Indian Jones or you don't find them scary at all, venomous snakes usually will bite you before you have time to consider your options.

Most people get bit by a snake when they're not paying attention. They're hiking along without looking on that sunny rock when all of a sudden they step on a rattlesnake and get bit on their leg or foot.

Although only 15 out of 8,000 annual snake bites end up with the person who got bit dying, there are still things you can do to avoid becoming one of the unfortunate souls.

After the break, learn what you can do to survive if you should ever get bit by a venomous snake while you're bugging out or hiking. Learn what you should do now so you can stay alive later! 

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  1. David Gardiner said:

    All depends how many times a brown snake bites you how much venom they pump into you and the big one how far away from medical help, if you don’t get medical attention within 15 to 30min from an eastern brown snake you’re in a world of hurt. They mess you up big time even kill you.